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    Dynamic DNS with Google Cloud DNS

    Dynamic DNS with Google Cloud Platform is much simpler than it seems. Join me on this journey of ensuring that my ownCloud server is always accessible using a Google Cloud DNS A record. NOTE I have updated this tutorial and the supporting code to Python 3.9. All requirements are also updated to the current latest...

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    Restricting Date Inputs

    Background In my day job I work for a software company building a clinical management system for the Aged Card sector. The system is a Rails & ReactJS application with some 3 million lines of code, so it is not a small application by any means. The Problem The issue we have is that in...

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    Simple Hugo Website

    Installing Hugo Since I am using a Mac, this is as simple as brew install hugo For others, see the below list Arch Linux yay -S hugo Debian Linux sudo apt install hugo Redhat Linux yum install hugo Otherwise, you could always simple pull the latest version from the Hugo GitHub repo here Create your site and get a theme The first thing you will need is to create a site using the hugo cli...